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Psychology MCQ

1) Features of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) are
a) Guilt.
b) Biological symptoms.
c) More common in females.
d) All of the above.
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2) Visual hallucination is a feature of
a) Delirium.
b) Mania.
c) Schizophrenia.
d) All of the above
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3) Agoraphobia is a feature of
a) Phobic disorder.
b) Anxiety disorder.
c) Obsessive compulsive disorder.
d) Depressive disorder.
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4) Schizophrenia is mostly a disease of
a) Children
b) Young adult
c) Middle age
d) Old age
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5) Blood counts should be done before starting
a) Risperidone.
b) Lithium carbonate.
c) Diazepam.
d) Clozapine.
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6) Exposure & response prevention is a treatment of choice in
a) OCD.
b) Depression.
c) Hysteria.
d) Specific phobia.
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7) Which one of the fallowing is not an impulse control disorder
a) Trichotilomania.
b) Hypomania.
c) Erotomania.
d) Kleptomania.
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8) Father of behavior therapy is
a) Sigmund Freud
b) Karl Jung
c) Ivan Pavlov
d) Jean Piaget
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9) Prominent hallucinations and delusions are seen in
a) Catatonic schizophrenia
b) Hebephrenic schizophrenia
c) Paranoid schizophrenia
d) Simple schizophrenia
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10) Features of ADHD are
a) Impulsiveness
b) Hyperactivity
c) Inattentiveness
d) All of the above
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11) Abnormal perception in the presence of external stimulus is called
a) Delusion.
b) Hallucination
c) Illusion
d) Obsession
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12) In EEG alpha waves means
a) Less than 4 HZ / second.
b) 4 – 7 HZ / second
c) 8 – 12 HZ /second
d) More than 12 HZ / second
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13) Abnormal perception in the presence of external stimulus is called as
a) Delusions
b) Hallucinations
c) Illusions
d) Obsession
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14) In EEG alpha wave means
a) <4Hz
b) 4-7 Hz
c) 8-12Hz
d) >12Hz
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15) Insight is present in
a) Schizophrenia
b) Psychosis
c) OCD
d) Brief psychotic disorder
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16) Normal mood is referred as
a) Dysthymic.
b) Cyclothymic.
c) Euthymic.
d) Happy.
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17) Repetitive involuntary distressing thoughts in mind are called as
a) Obsessions.
b) Compulsions.
c) Delusions.
d) Imaginary.
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18) ) Panic disorder is a
a) Somatoform disorder
b) Psychotic disorder
c) Neurotic disorder
d) Affective disorder
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19) Paranoia means
a) Sadness
b) Worthlessness
c) Suspiciousness
d) Anger
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20) False, fixed belief is called as
a) Ideas
b) Misconception
c) Ritual
d) Delusion
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21) Frontal lobe deals with
a) Emotions.
b) Higher functions
c) Balance
d) Motor functions
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22) All of the following are negative symptoms of schizophrenia except
a) Flat affect.
b) Excessive talkativeness.
c) Inattention.
d) Decreased concentration
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23) Which one of the following is not a impulse control disorder
a) Trichotillomania
b) Hypomania
c) Erotomania
d) Kleptomania
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24) Inability to experience pleasure is called as
a) Alexithymia
b) Anergia
c) Anhedonia
d) Dysphasia
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25) Flight of ideas is seen in
a) Post traumatic stress disorder
b) Depression
c) Mania.
d) Schizophrenia.
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26) Delusion shared between two closely connected persons is called as
a) Double delusion
b) Folie a deux.
c) Capgras syndrome.
d) Fugue
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27) A false sense of insects crawling on one's skin is called as
a) Fornication
b) Perseveration.
c) Illusion.
d) Passivity.
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28) A sense of unfamiliarity with familiar circumstances is called as
a) Déjà vu
b) Jamais vu
c) jamais etendu
d) Illusion
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29) Loosening of association is seen in
a) Depression
b) Mania
c) OCD
d) Schizophrenia
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30) Formation of new meaningless words is called as
a) Incoherence
b) Irrelevance
c) Neologism
d) Alogia
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31) All of the following are catatonic symptoms except
a) Mutism.
b) Flight of ideas
c) Posturing
d) Waxy flexibility
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32) Tangentiality of speech is seen in
a) Depression.
b) Psychosis.
c) OCD.
d) Mania
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33) Who has written the biography of Mahatma Gandhi?
a) Sigmund Freud
b) Erik Erikson
c) Cullen
d) Ivan Pavlov
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34) Sigmund Freud is the father of
a) Psychotherapy
b) Psychoanalysis
c) Psychiatry
d) Neuropsychiatry
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35) Who coined the term dementia precox
a) Emil Kraepelin.
b) Eugen Bluler
c) Sigmund Freud.
d) Adler
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36) National mental health programme started in the year
a) 1982.
b) 1985.
c) 1987.
d) 1992.
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37) Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances act started in
a) 1982.
b) 1985.
c) 1987.
d) 1992.
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38) Mental health bill became the mental health act in
a) 1982
b) 1985
c) 1987
d) 1992
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39) ) Hypnotizability can be measured using
a) EEG
b) EMG
c) Eye rolls sign
d) Pain stimuli
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40) When person is directly exposed to phobic stimulus without hierarchy, it is called as
a) Flooding
b) Systematic desensitization
c) Direct desensitization
d) Negative conditioning
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41) Proponent of dual sex therapy
a) Aaron beck.
b) Albert Ellis.
c) William and Virginia Masters.
d) Jacobson.
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42) Wernicke's encephalopathy is due to deficiency of
a) Riboflavin
b) Niacin
c) Thiamine
d) Cynocobalamine
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43) Most severe complication of alcohol withdrawal is
a) Rum fits.
b) Delirium tremens.
c) Tremors.
d) Illusions.
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44) Proponent of progressive muscular relaxation
a) Aaron beck
b) Albert Ellis.
c) William and Virginia Masters.
d) Jacobson
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45) Oedipus complex is seen in which psychosexual stage of development
a) Anal.
b) Oral.
c) Phallic.
d) Genital.
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46) All of the following are mature defense mechanisms except
a) Sublimation.
b) Splitting.
c) Suppression.
d) Humor.
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47) Unconscious gradual channelization of unacceptable impulses into socially valuable behavior pattern is
a) Suppression.
b) Rationalization.
c) Distortion.
d) Sublimation.
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48) All of the following are psychotic defense mechanisms except
a) Regression
b) Projection
c) Denial
d) Dissociation
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49) Which of the following part of brain deals with moral standards?
a) Id
b) Ego
c) Superego
d) Ultra ego
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50) Who received noble prize for psychosurgery?
a) Egaz   Moniz
b) Almenda Lima
c) Delay and Deniker
d) Bose and Sen
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51) Who started the electro convulsive therapy?
a) Cerlettis and Bini.
b) Moniz and Lima
c)Delay and Deniker
d) Bose and Sen
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52) Ganesh Sen and karik Bose introduced which antipsychotic drug?
a) Haloperidol.
b) Chlorpromazine.
c) Reserpine.
d) Olanzepin
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53)All of the following are hypnotic agents except
a) Zolpidem
b) Zopiclone
c) Clonazepam
d) Amitryptiline
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54) Shortest acting benzodiazepine is
a) Clonazepam
b) Lorazepam
c) Midazolam
d) Diazepam
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55) Most common side effect of lithium is
a) Sedation .
b) Seizures
c) Hyperthyroidism.
d) Tremor.
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56) Valproate should be avoided in pregnancy due to risk of
a) Cardiomyopathy.
b) Neural tube defect.
c) Renal anomalies.
d) Hepatotoxicity
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57) Drug used in trigeminal neuralgia is
a) Carbamazepine
b) Valproate.
c) Lithium.
d) Haloperidol.
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58) Antidepressant drug preferred for primary enuresis is
a) Fluoxetin
b) Dothiepin
c) Imipramine
d) Nortryptiline
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59) One of the following is RIMA
a) Moclobemide
b) Selegiline
c) Tranylcypromine
d) Isocarboxazid
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60) All of the following are SSRIs except
a) Fluoxetin
b) Risperidone
c) Sertraline
d) Paroxetine
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61) Subjective motor restlessness is called as
a) Chorea.
b) Athetosis
c) Akathasia
d) Dystonia
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62) Propranalol is commonly used for
a) Chorea.
b) Athetosis.
c) Akathasia.
d) Dystonia
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63) Treatment of choice for neuroloeptic malignant syndrome is
a) Bromocryptine
b) Dantrolene
c) Haloperidol
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64) Drug commonly used for alcohol withdrawal
a) Benzodiazepines
b) Antipsychotics
c) Anticravings
d) Deterrent agents
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65) Who received Nobel prize for malarial treatment for general paralysis of insane
a) Egaz Moniz.
b) Julius van Wagner Jauregg..
c) Ganesh Sen.
d) Kartik Bose.
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66) Caprolalia means
a) Utterance of obscene words
b) Passing feces in public.
c) Grimacing
d) Repeated blinking
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67) Following drugs are used for ADHD except
a) Dextroamphetamine.
b) Methyl phenidate.
c) Atomoxetine.
d) Sertraline.
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68) Moderate mental retardation means IQ
a) <20
b) 20-35
c) 35-50
d) 50-7-
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69) Film actress Vidya Balan in film Bhulbhulaiya was suffering from
a) Dissociative fugue
b) Dissociative identity disorder
c) Dissociative amnesia
d) Conversion disorder
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70) All are impulse control disorder except
a) Pathological gambling
b) Kleptomania
c) Trichotillomania
d) Suicide
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71) Nightmares are seen in which part of sleep
a) REM sleep.
b) NREM sleep.
c) REM-NREM interphase
d) Initiation of sleep.
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72) Squeeze technique is used for
a) Erectile dysfunction.
b) Premature ejaculation.
c) Anger outbursts.
d) Kleptomania
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73) All of the following are paraphilias except
a) Exhibitionism
b) Masochism
c) Caprophilia
d) Masturbation
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74) Suicidal attempts are more common in which personality disorder
a) Histrionic personality disorder
b) Borderline PD
c) Avoidant PD
d) Schizoid PD
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75) Xenophobia means fear of
a) Strangers.
b) Insects
c) Animals
d) Xerox ink.
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76) Othello syndrome means
a) Delusion of control.
b) Sleep sickness.
c) Morbid jealousy in alcoholics.
d) Delusion of doubles.
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77) Treatment of choice for depression with suicidal ideas
a) High dose antidepressants.
b) Mood stabilizers.
c) ECT.
d) Anti anxiety drugs.
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78) In DCM IV TR minimum duration required for the diagnosis of schizophrenia is
a) 1 month
b) 2 month
c) 3 month
d) 6 month
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79) Withdrawal symptoms are minimum in
a) Alcohol
b) Opioid
c) Cannabis
d) Heroin
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80) Wernicke's encephalopathy is due to deficiency of
a) Riboflavin
b) Niacin
c) Thiamine
d) Cynocobalamine
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81) Most severe complication of alcohol withdrawal is
a) Rum fits
b) Delirium tremens
c) Tremors
d) Illusions
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1-d 2-a 3-a 4-b 5-d 6-a 7-b,c 8-c 9-c 10-d
11-b 12-c13-b14-c 15-c16-c17-a18-c19-c 20-d
21-b22-b 23-b,c24-c 25-c 26-b27-a28-b29-d30-c
31-b 32-d33-b34-b35-a36-a 37-b38-c39-c40-a
41-c42-c43-b 44-d45-c46-b47-d48-d 49-c 50-a
51-a52-c 53-d54-c 55-d56-b57-a58-c59-a 60-b
61-c62-c 63-b64-a65-b 66-a 67-d 68-c 69-b 70-d
71-a72-b73-d 74-b 75-a76-c77-c 78-d 79-c 80-c